Every time you purchase a new shared hosting plan, it is created on a server and the process will take some time, not mentioning the verification and processing of your payment, which many companies make personally. If you get a dedicated server, for example, the installation takes more time since the unit has to be built, installed and tried to guarantee that it will work properly. By reason of this, many providers have a one-time fee so as to cover the time and efforts devoted to your new account. The fee, which sometimes is quite high, is normally not displayed on the front page, but you'll notice it on the checkout or payment page, so you will not be aware of it before you have already gone through the entire registration process and you can even overlook it if you don't pay attention.

Setup Fee in Shared Hosting

Our company does not charge anything over the cost of the shared hosting plan that you choose, so you won't have to pay any installation fees or any other fees different from what you have already noticed on the front page. We think that being honest to our clients is of key importance to creating a long-term business relationship, that being said we will never require that you pay obscured charges of any type, especially for something that is virtually fully automated and usually takes several min to be performed by our system. You won't pay set-up fees even when you buy multiple accounts plus they'll all be entirely active without delay, so you are able to start working on your sites. The full amount that you have to pay for each of our packages is the very same that you will see on our home page.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server packages do not have any setup charges, so when you order a new account, your total fee for the very first month is exactly the same as for your future renewals. As it takes us a few minutes to create and activate your new semi-dedicated account, we think that it wouldn't be right to charge you anything for that. You'll see the very same amount on our front page, on your payment page and also on your bank or PayPal statement and you won't ever have to pay any extra fees. If you already have a regular shared hosting account from our company and you need a more powerful alternative, we can even move all of your content to the new semi-dedicated account for free.

Setup Fee in VPS Servers

Our VPS server plans don't have setup charges as well as any obscured charges of any sort. If you purchase such a plan, we will assemble your server, mount its Operating System, web server software, MySQL, etc., and we'll supply you with an entirely functional machine at no additional cost. All you'll have to pay is the regular monthly price for the package you have selected and that rate will be identical for the following months too. It is our principle that charging you additional money for a procedure that is almost totally automatic is very unreasonable, so the amount you will find on our front page will be identical to the one that will appear on your bank statement. That is valid regardless if we transfer one or several web sites from your shared hosting account to your new virtual server.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated web hosting plans do not have any installation or other concealed charges. Throughout the signup process, you shall pay just the regular monthly rate for the plan that you've picked. Once you place your order, we'll put together and try your brand new machine, then we'll set up all the software that you need to have a fully operational server - OS, website hosting Control Panel when you have picked one, web server, MySQL, etcetera. All these duties are a part of the package and they come completely free, which means that the signup payment and your future renewal payments will be equivalent. If the server is equipped with our custom-made Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you have a shared website hosting account through our company, we will even transfer all of your content on your brand new server for free.